I Beat Diabetes Naturally Without the Help of Prescription Medications.

Who would have thought that being broke and not being able to afford medications or insurance would have been a blessing in disguise?

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I Was a Sugar Addict.

My need to feed seemed to never end with every meal and snack I consumed. As my hormones continued to spiral out of control, the more I ate, the more I craved.

I Had No Energy, Motivation, or Stamina.

As an at-home software developer, I lived a lifestyle that lacked physical activity. During my unhealthy streak, I spent most of my time sitting on the couch and eating junk while passing out from insulin-induced food comas.

God Himself Sent Me a Wakeup Call.

The time came when my lifestyle of sucking down sugar and processed foods had ruined my body. It was as if I went to sleep one night, only to awaken the next day a different person. I finally realized that the consequences of my actions had arrived. With every major symptom all at once this much was clear, I had type 2 diabetes.

Read More About My Story