Metformin Causes Cancer?

Recently in the past few months, I was helping out a friend who is dealing with a very mild form of diabetes.  She listened to a few talking points from me about dietary science and medicine.  She just wasn’t able to get her head around it, she decided to keep taking the pills and to continue to march to the beat of the drums of big pharma.

I tried to explain to her a solid fact about all pharmaceutical drugs, in that at some point they all come from nature.  Ask yourself, can matter be created or destroyed?  Anyone who paid attention in science class knows the answer to that question.  For years my belief has been that if there is a pharmaceutical drug, there is most likely a natural source.

Why take the synthetic man-made copycat when you can just take the original? I ask people this, only to get funny looks where people cock their heads to the side like a confused dog because they just can’t wrap their brains around it.

I decided to turn to a pharmaceutical chemist known as The People’s Chemist (Shane Ellison MS), to ask him this question about nature and the origins of pharmaceuticals.  I figured if I want to confirm my thoughts on pharmaceutical drugs, who better to ask than an actual pharmaceutical chemist.  When asking Shane if my theory on the origin of pharmaceuticals all being from nature is correct, he responded with this:

100%! Every drug is a derivative of nature!

It really makes sense when you think about it. It’s not like big pharma has the power to just will things into existence, yet people seem convinced that there are certain things you cannot get outside of a pharmaceutical company. Even many big pharma critics will claim they are a necessary evil at some point. Well in my book, evil is not only never necessary, but it’s just flat out wrong.

Getting back to the point of this blog post. I wrote this in response to an article I just read about Metformin being investigated by the FDA for a possible cancer-causing ingredient known as NDMA.  It seems that once again another pharmaceutical drug is being investigated for causing serious side effects.  Something that seems to be very commonplace these days.

This reminds me of many years ago when I continually warned a good friend of mine about the cholesterol-lowering statins he was taking on a daily basis as part of his list of medications.  I shared some information with him about how pharmaceutical drugs are cleansed out of the body through the liver (1).

It was no surprise that just a few short weeks after my warning that my friend discovered an issue from recent blood tests performed by his doctor.  The result was the presence of elevated liver enzymes in the bloodstream, which is not a good thing.

After that scare, followed by a couple of other scares (one where I had to rush him to the hospital) he finally gave up all of his medications and turned them in for a nutritional supplement that contains amino acids that are actually scientifically proven to lower blood pressure. Of course, the supplement he is taking is only a temporary fix while he focuses on continuing his diet, exercising, and reaching his target weight.

This is one of the ways big pharma gets you. First, you start with an unhealthy lifestyle of being a couch potato, eating potato chips, pizza, tons of sugar and carbs, leading up to your first pharmaceutical prescription. Then that prescription temporarily “fixes” your initial ailment, yet creates multiple other side effects, in which you need to then take more pharmaceutical drugs.

I call it the big pharma merry go round of death.

Take a moment to read the following article on the possible cancer causing ingredients in the popular diabetes drug Metformin:

Read the article at

Scientific sources in this article.

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